10 Must-Have College Experiences

Yes, college is the place where you get ready for your future career. But, it’s also the perfect place to have adventures, try new things and make the most of your time as a university student.

Here are 10 things we think every college student should do before graduation.


Attend a Campus Performance.

Houston’s theater and arts district is full of opportunities to get cultured, but we’ve also got plenty of awesome (and cheaper) options on campus. If you have yet to check out a play, concert or art performance on campus, now is the perfect time to get started. You’ll enjoy a fun night of entertainment while witnessing the talents of your UH peers.


Travel. Then, Travel Some More.

Whether it’s through a semester of study abroad or a summer road trip with your friends, college is full of opportunities to travel. Give up regular restaurant trips or your daily dose of Starbucks for a few months to save up, and then set out on your adventure. The memories you’ll make will be worth it.



Feel Uncomfortable.

Sign up for an improv comedy slot, go skydiving or participate in another crazy activity that will get your adrenaline pumping. Doing something out of your comfort zone will provide an unforgettable memory. Plus, knowing you conquered something you never thought you could will help you adopt that mindset for the rest of your college journey — and maybe help you ace that notoriously difficult class!


Intern in Your Desired Field.

Interning is one of the best ways to get real world experience during your college career. You’ll not only expand your skillset and put your in-class knowledge to the test, but you’ll also get a first-hand introduction to company culture and workplace habits. Check out Bauer’s Rockwell Career Center for upcoming internship opportunities and advice on how to land your dream one.


Explore the Unknown.

In college, learning doesn’t happen only in the classroom. Expand your knowledge about subjects that have always been interesting to you but aren’t part of your degree plan. Attend an on-campus lecture or student-run information meeting. You’ll expand your perspective and even meet new people you might not have otherwise.



Discover Your City.

Even if you grew up in the Bayou City, chances are you still haven’t witnessed everything Houston has to offer. Spend your free weekends visiting museums, hopping coffee shops or attending local festivals to get fully cultured in the Houston scene. The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo and Free Press Summer Fest next year are great starts to check out with friends.


Find a Mentor.

Many professionals would love to mentor a college student, so take advantage of that by finding someone who can help provide you with the best career advice and guidance. Network with professors, alumni and even upperclassmen who will inspire you with their own journey to success.


Develop a Healthy Workout Routine.

The end of high school means no more school-imposed physical activities, which means you’re now fully responsible for your fitness. With a world-class gym on campus and plenty of walking opportunities, there’s no excuse not to develop healthy habits during college. Go ahead and enjoy that splurge from Pink’s Pizza or Shasta’s Cones & More. Just make sure you keep a healthy balance so you’ll be on top of your game for classes.



Use Those Student Discounts.

Real life is expensive, but in college, it can be a little cheaper with your student discount. Many restaurants and stores offer great discounts for current college students, and all you have to do is show your school ID to get them. Research the spots in Houston that’ll help you save and visit them as often as possible to make the most of your college budget.


Think About Your Legacy.

You may still be a student, but what you do now is writing the history books for future generations of Bauer students. Your time in college has probably made you an expert on campus-related activities, study habits and other college hacks. Share your wealth of knowledge with a future Coog by becoming an orientation leader or mentor, or take up an officer position to help inspire your current peers. Giving back to the college that has been there for you will make you even prouder to be from the place #WhereAwesomeHappens.

By Priscilla Aceves

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