3 Things to Watch for During Super Bowl Commercials

As sports fans prepare to watch arguably the biggest game of the year, consumers are gearing up for their own event — Super Bowl commercials. With an average of 114 million viewers tuned in to last year’s game, advertisers and consumers alike are looking forward to memorable and impactful commercials.

Trends this year might reflect the tone and tenor of what’s happening across the country, with advertisers taking notes from the 2016 presidential election campaign, according to Bauer College faculty member Betsy Gelb.


It pays to be talked about.

As the famous line goes, “let’s give them something to talk about,” stands true for Super Bowl ads. Getting people talking leads to big returns, according to Gelb, and if advertisers are paying attention to trends, they’ll make sure to get you talking from their ads on Sunday.


You don’t always have to be conventional.

As we’ve seen in the past, Super Bowl ads can be anything but conventional — we’re looking at you Mountain Dew — and this year will be no exception! “A sensible goal is to be unconventional enough to be the subject of online and face-to-face conversations,” Gelb says.

The ads that have you saying “What just happened?” always leave that lasting impression.


Create a feeling rather than facts.

Along with being unconventional, creating a feeling is also important, according to Gelb. An ad focused on the “warm fuzzies” can translate to consumers associating a brand with a positive feeling, leading to purchase.

The company to always pull at our heartstrings? Budweiser, Gelb notes, with their latest campaign of #BestBuds using man’s best friend as the face of their brand in their Super Bowl ads over the last several years.

Puppy Love (2014)

Lost Dog (2015)

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