5 Reasons to Join a Student Org & Change Your Life

Want to meet new people, learn new things and put yourself out there professionally? Joining a student organization just might be the solution.

It’s Rush Week at #UHBauer (ending Thursday, 9/1, at 3 in the Melcher Hall back drum), so you’re bound to find an organization that best fits your lifestyle and interests.

Still not sure? Check out our list below of 5 reasons why joining a student organization can change your life for the better.


You’ll make new friends.

One of the easiest ways to meet new people during your college years is to join a student organization. The activities and meetings your organization hosts will allow you to bond with people in a similar stage of life and even provide potential study partners for your classes. Some of the best friendships have come out of student organizations, so if you’re looking to expand your circle, joining a student org is the place to start.

We'll be friends


You’ll get to network with professionals.

Student organizations offer many opportunities to network with industry professionals. Whether it’s career mixers or mock interviews, Bauer student orgs have tons of different ways to connect you to your future. If you’re really serious about meeting professionals in your field, try joining an organization specifically in your field or major.


You’ll expand your leadership and communication skills.

Joining a student organization will require you to communicate with a diverse group of people. You’ll even get the chance to lead others if you take on an officer role. Since these soft skills are best perfected outside the classroom, joining a student org is one of the best ways to make sure you can impress future employers with your #awesome skills.

Iron Man


It will look great on your résumé.

Professional experience isn’t the only thing employers look for when deciding who to hire. Showing your dedication to a student organization throughout your college years will demonstrate your ability to commit for the long-term, while also proving your discipline and time management skills. Student organization experiences are also great topics to bring up during behavioral interviews!


You’ll get the chance to give back.

Among the many opportunities student organizations offer is the chance to give back. Join your student org at events that make a difference in our community, like packaging goods at the Houston Food Bank, or mentoring local area kids. Volunteering will give you the chance to do something great for others, while learning to work as a team.


By Priscilla Aceves

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