5 Tips to Dress to Impress at Your Next Job

Finally landed that dream job or internship, but still not quite sure what to wear? We’ve got you covered. Check out our essential wardrobe tips on office attire that should leave you feeling confident to conquer whatever the day might bring.

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Know the Difference Between Business Casual and Professional. Research the wardrobe style of your future workplace before your first day. While many offices permit business casual, some may require professional dress everyday, or on specific occasions. That button-down without a tie might look nice for brunch, but a quick review of your company’s dress code will let you know if you’re better off wearing a suit and tie. Check out the video below for a quick overview of the key differences between the two.


Observe Those Around You. Even if you know you won’t always need to wear professional dress at your job, there may be unwritten guidelines for what’s considered acceptable. A great way to learn the culture of your workplace is to look around at what others are wearing on your first few days on the job and tailor your clothing choices accordingly.

Prep Your Outfit Early. Remember when your parents set out your clothes the night before school? Adulting requires planning — in other words, don’t wait until the morning to decide what to wear. You never know when you’ll run late or when that one article of clothing you were counting on will inexplicably disappear. If you lay out your outfit the night before, you’ll have one less thing to stress about in the morning and one less reason to run late.

Avoid Anything Too Flashy. Accessories are an easy way to add character to any outfit. But in a professional setting it’s best to stay away from anything that’s too distracting. Avoid anything too shiny, unconventional or bright (the same rule applies for makeup)! After all, you want to stand out for your ideas — not your earrings.

Iron. Yes, you should still own an iron. While not every article of clothing requires one, it’s important to pay attention to which items in your closet wrinkle easily before you wear them to work. Even if your office encourages business casual, your clothes should always appear clean and well kept. Failure to do so can make you look sloppy and detract from your professional image.

As you prep your wardrobe, keep in mind that what you wear really does matter. If you feel confident about your outfit choice, you’re also more likely to feel confident throughout your work day. And confidence always goes a long way!

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By Priscilla Aceves

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