5 Tips to Navigate #UHBauer (From Your #BauerFamily)

Welcome to the first week of #Fall2016! If you’re new around here, you might be looking for some sage advice to help you navigate classes, assignments and everything else that being a college student entails.

And your #BauerFamily is here to help!

We spoke to some of our proudest Bauer alumni at the recent Bauer College Alumni Association annual meeting to share their best tips. These alumni know what it takes to make it through college successfully (with a degree or two in hand), so take their advice to heart for a successful journey through the college #WhereAwesomeHappens.


Use Your Bauer Resources

“Go to every single event and network.” – Aimee Muniz (BBA ’14, MS ’15)

Current Bauer students and alumni will agree — there’s no shortage of opportunity to connect at our college. Whether it’s having your résumé reviewed during Rockwell Career Center’s Résumé ER (scheduled this fall for Sept. 6-8) or networking with leading employers at the Business Career Fair (happening on Sept. 16), we’ve got tons of ways to help you reach your greatest career dreams. The key is to attend as many events as possible, visit with our career counselors often, and don’t be afraid to make use of your resources!


Build a Supportive Squad

“Whatever the dream is, whatever the goal is, find people who are pursuing the same thing. Wherever success is, it’s bound to rub off.” – Mair Emenogu (Business Minor ’10)

College is one of the best places to make new friends, and at Bauer, you’re even more likely to find driven friends who are heading in a similar direction. Get to know your classmates and make time to connect outside class. A support system in college and beyond is essential to making sure you stay on the right path to success.



Join a Student Organization

“You get back what you put into college. Get involved in a student organization to get something great out of it.” – Cynthia Vasquez (BBA ’16)

With over 30 different organizations, Bauer is sure to have a student org that fits your lifestyle and current career path. Check out Rush Week (happening this fall between August 30-Sept. 1) to learn more about what our awesome student-run organizations have to offer, including workshops, mixers and volunteer opportunities.


Work Hard — No Matter What

“Your hard work will always pay off.” – Roshini Murti (BBA ‘14)

While college is a great place for fun and new experiences, it’s also going to take some serious hard work. Start by creating a plan for your semester (stay tuned for an upcoming #UHBauer list featuring planning tips from a Bauer student!) and then do whatever it takes to meet your end-of-semester goals. With tutoring centers, time management workshops and more, Bauer is always here to help you be the most successful student you can be.

Challenge Accepted


When It’s All Over, Give Back

“You’ll gain more than what you think you can by coming back to give back to Bauer.” – Saket Maheshwari (BBA ’15)

Bauer pride runs deep with our alumni, which is why so many of them give back after graduation. If you’re already an alum or soon to become one, check out the Bauer College Alumni Association and consider returning to campus for future events to network with your #BauerFamily. You can learn more about future alumni events here.

Have an awesome #Fall2016! And remember…

You can do this

By Priscilla Aceves

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