5 Tips to Stand Out at Career Fair

We know – stepping into this Friday’s Career Fair can be nerve-racking. The best way to beat the jitters? Have a game plan ready beforehand.

Today we’re bringing you 5 tips from Direct Energy Recruiting Manager Mark Broadfoot, on how you can get ready for Career Fair and make a lasting impression on recruiters.


Define Your Top Choices

Before you step into Career Fair, pick 5 to 10 companies you’re interested in and learn more about them. Come Friday, prioritize speaking with their representatives first. You can view a list of all the companies that will be at Career Fair here.


Websites Are Your Friend

Review company websites to get an idea of each company’s values, as well as what kind of candidates they’re looking for. You should be able to find out if they have a college program or internship program, and if they hire from your major.


Say Hello First

Don’t just linger by the snack bar – head straight to company recruiters and representatives and introduce yourself (they don’t bite)!  Next, ask your pre-planned questions – this shows you are prepared and have interest in each company.


Find Out the Next Steps

Every company is different, so inquire about the next steps and application process when you speak with each recruiter. Do they take résumés at the booth? Do they want you apply online? Do they require an online test? Knowing the process will help you navigate it correctly.


Don’t Take it Personally

If you don’t hear back from a certain company, keep in mind that today’s market is very competitive. There are many factors outside of your control that impact the likelihood and timing of responses and hiring. Standing out by leaving a good first impression and being well prepared will give you a competitive edge so that you do hear back.

With these tips and a confident attitude – you’re sure to master career fair in no time.

By Priscilla Aceves

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