5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash This Summer

Just because it’s (almost) summertime doesn’t mean your bank account is taking a break.

If you want to make extra cash over the summer, but you’re super busy with classes, traveling or an internship to get a full-time job, we’ve got you covered. Here are five simple ways anyone can keep the cash coming in this summer, no matter what your next few months have in store.


Tutor Students.

Put your many years of school experience to good use by tutoring a middle or high school student in the Houston area on basic subjects like math, reading and writing. Many organizations around Houston are actively seeking college-age tutors and will pay you for your time. You can also set up your own tutoring business by posting ads online or advertising through word of mouth.


Sell Your Old Books.

Still have a few textbooks from the semester lying around? It’s not too late to make some money off of them. List recent textbooks on sites like Book Scouter or eBay so current college students can find them before classes start in the fall. You can also sell other old books to make yourself some extra spending cash.


Deliver Meals.

If you want to make some extra money over the summer but have no room in your schedule for a part-time job, try signing up for a delivery service like Postmates or Favor, which allow you to deliver food to customers on your own time. Simply select a shift whenever you’re free, deliver the requested meal and keep the majority of the delivery fee (plus 100% of the tip). Working for one of these delivery services can earn you anywhere from $10 to $25 an hour.


Start a Side Hustle.

Are you a pro at perfecting your Instagram feed? Secretly talented at Pinterest crafts? Make extra money this summer by cashing in on your favorite hobbies. Set up an Etsy shop to sell crafts or art projects, or pitch yourself to companies to become a brand ambassador through your social media channels. Not only will you make money by doing something you already enjoy, you’ll also gain valuable entrepreneurship experience in the process.


Use Your Phone.

To make some quick and easy cash, take advantage of the electronics at your fingertips. Apps like Savvy Connect will pay you just for downloading them and letting them run in the background as you surf the web, while apps like SwagBucks award you gift cards for watching videos or taking online quizzes.

By Priscilla Aceves


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