6 Business Classes You Must Take Before Graduating

So, you’ve decided to pursue a degree in business. There are several routes you can go in focusing your studies and finding your niche within a BBA program.

Creating the perfect course schedule is a bit tricky, and registering for classes can be stressful. We know all too well the feeling of waking up at 7 a.m. to make sure you score a seat in the classes you want. It’s tough! So let these Bauer College undergraduate students give you a little inspiration (and maybe even some class ideas) about some of their favorite classes and professors.


Ragan Lau

SCM and MIS Major

Favorite Class: SCM 4301

“Logistics Management is my favorite because of Professor Narayanan. He talks about his experiences in class, and he’s very approachable and helps students when they need help.”


Saira Badat

Finance and Accounting Major

Favorite Class: FINA 4310

“Behavioral Finance, which I’m currently taking. The class itself is an oxymoron. It’s kind of like psychology for finance.”


An Q. Tran

Finance and Accounting Major

Favorite Class: SCM 4361

“Supply Chain Management with Dr. Wayhan. He always talks about real life situations. He’s active, always positive and has a great sense of humor.”


Mohammed Rahman

Favorite Class: FINA 4310

“Behavioral Finance with Dr. Dale Rude. It’s a very intuitive class. He makes students participate, and even with 40 or more students, it’s a very intimate setting.”


Xuan Ho

Accounting Major

Favorite Class: ACCT 4331

“Individual Income Tax because I love learning about taxes. Our professor always gives us real life tax problems and combines it with the lessons. He gives a different point of view about taxes.”


Mercedes Blackmore

Business Minor

Favorite Class: ENTR 3310

“Entrepreneurship with Carlos Ortega is my favorite. He takes the time to give detailed lectures and always shares his life experiences with the class.”

By Priscilla Aceves

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