6 Inspiring Movies to Add to Your Netflix Queue

We know. Spring Break is a mere memory now that you’re back to class. Back to studying. Back to projects and presentations. Back to no time for anything that doesn’t get you to the end of the semester.

But, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably still finding ways to sneak a little Netflix in. Today, we’re sharing 6 movies that teach valuable lessons about succeeding in the workplace, so you can keep your #goalsinmind during study breaks.


When You’re Down on Your Luck
The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

In this inspiring true story, Will Smith plays single father Chris Gardner, who takes an internship at a stock brokerage firm while dealing with homelessness. Despite his personal struggles, Gardner maintains a professional image at work while encouraging his young son to always pursue his dreams.

Our favorite quote: “If you want something, go get it. Period.”

Will Smith


For the Aspiring Entrepreneur
Joy (2015)

Jennifer Lawrence stars in this film about a single mother who defies all odds to market her inventions on television. Despite facing rejections, betrayals and a complicated family life, Joy goes on to make millions from her products. Based on a true story, this film is guaranteed to motivate any current or future entrepreneur!

Our favorite quote: “In America, every day people make what they will of themselves. I’m going to do something.”


Learning How to Lead (& How NOT to Lead)
The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Aspiring journalist Andrea Sachs lands a coveted job at a fashion magazine. The only problem is she has no interest in fashion and it doesn’t take long for her demanding boss to notice. Sachs must then learn to walk the thin line between adapting to her workplace and compromising her integrity.

Bonus: Meryl Streep stars as Andrea’s high-maintenance boss, so you know it’s going to be good!

Our favorite quote: “Please, bore someone else with your questions.”

Meryl Streep


To Get Some Perspective (& Business Travel Tips)
Up in the Air (2009)

A thought-provoking movie about corporate practices and generational differences, Up in the Air stars George Clooney and Anna Kendrick as coworkers in a firm hired to fire people from their jobs. The film ends up addressing the important balance between efficiency and empathy in the workplace.

Our favorite quote: “Life’s better with company.”


For Insight on Work/Life Balance and Awesome 80s Fashion
Baby Boom (1987)

This 1980s classic examines the decisions a New York businesswoman must make after having to care for a toddler left to her by a deceased family member. The new mom eventually decides to pursue entrepreneurship as a new career path in order to establish her own control over her work/life balance.

Our favorite quote: “I can’t have a baby because I have a 12:30 lunch meeting.”


When They Tell You It Can’t Be Done
Legally Blonde (2001)

You’ve probably seen this one, but it’s worth a re-watch (or two). Legally Blonde tells the story of Elle Woods, a young woman who refuses to let people underestimate her by her looks and great fashion sense. Elle proves that hard work, integrity and determination are the ultimate keys to reaching your goals!

Our favorite quote: “You must always have in faith people. And most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.”

Elle Woods

By Priscilla Aceves

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