6 Reasons Why You Should Give Back

This week is all about giving back for #UHBauer — in fact, today we’re kicking off #BauerGivesBack, a three-day online giving campaign that’s all about showing how caring our community is.

If you’re still in school or just starting your career, you might not think philanthropy is much of a priority right now, but remember, it’s not how much you can give that matters. Whether you donate your time or money, giving back has the potential to make a lasting difference in the lives of others – and it will definitely change your life for the better, too.

Here’s our list of 6 reasons why giving back = getting back.


Demonstrate Gratitude.

One of the main reasons people choose to give back to their community is to show gratitude for the opportunities that have brought them where they are. Look for ways to help others have access to the same opportunities you did. Sometimes the best way to thank those who have helped you is pay it forward by helping someone else.


Develop a Charitable Mindset.

If you dream of someday becoming a great philanthropist, the best time to start working toward that goal is right now. While you may not have all the resources you’d like at your disposal, developing a habit of giving early on in life will make you more likely to follow through in the future. Just like any other goal, giving back is a habit that should be nurtured over time — even if you only start with a few dollars a month toward a cause that really matters to you.


Learn to Steward Your Money (and Time).

Once you’ve committed to give back, you’ll need to commit to two additional things: planning and budgeting. Both skills are essential for becoming a good steward of your time and money. Choosing to donate a certain amount that you may have otherwise spent unintentionally will motivate you to be thoughtful and deliberate in other money-related matters, not to mention you might even be able to receive a tax write-off for your contributions.


Inspire the Next Generation.

You don’t have to be nearing retirement to consider investing in the upcoming generation. No matter your age, you likely have valuable experience and insight to offer students who are just starting their career path. Consider volunteering as a guest speaker for a class of younger students or mentoring a young professional. The impact you make will help enrich the lives of those who come after you.


Network with Others.

The great thing about giving back is that you’ll definitely meet people who share your passion for service. Becoming involved in charitable causes, whether through volunteering, joining a board or donating, will introduce you to people from different backgrounds and career paths and help you create valuable connections for the future.


Increase Your Positivity.

Research shows that people receive a boost in happiness when they spend money on others instead of themselves, regardless of income or the amount spent. Scientists believe the reason for this feel-good surge is tied to people’s natural desire for meaning and significance. When you give back, you make a lasting impact on someone’s life — an accomplishment that carries more weight than any personal purchase.

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