7 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Social media has become a part of our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean all the time you spend on it has to be unproductive.



We’ve rounded up a list of a few Instagram accounts you should follow for inspiration on everything from career and travel to college-friendly meal ideas.


Hustle and Deal Flow Magazine


This account is all about inspiring you on your business journey. Through daily quotes and other motivational posts, @hdfmagazine emphasizes the value of hard work, making it the perfect daily dose of motivation to add to your feed.



Levo League for Women


In addition to sharing links to career advice articles on their website, @levoleague also posts inspirational quotes from successful business women and celebrities as well as aesthetically pleasing shots to inspire your own Instagram.


College Cookin’


This account is ready to save you from a diet of fast food and ramen noodles. @college.cookin shares quick (and delicious) recipes on the captions below some of their food photos, so you can easily impress your friends with your amazing new cooking skills.



Entrepreneur Magazine


@entrepreneur provides daily motivation on Instagram by sharing inspirational success stories of entrepreneurs around the country. Follow the account for an inside look on the work ethic and business practices of people who managed to become their own boss, and get inspired if you’re looking to start your own venture.


Remarkable Places


The perfect Instagram account to feed your wanderlust, @remarkableplaces shares photos of beautiful nature sites and landmarks around the world, providing you with the best inspiration for your next road trip or vacation destination.


Humans of New York


@humansofny provides a quick glimpse into people’s lives around New York City (and sometimes other parts of the world) through anonymous quotes and photos captured by photographer Brandon Stanton. The daily posts often address important issues, making it a great account to follow for gaining perspective on the world and learning to be more open-minded toward others around you.


UH Bauer College


What’s a social media list without a little self promo? If you’re not following us already, head to @UHBauerCollege for updates on Bauer events, #BauerFamily success stories and inspiration to help you get through the rest of the semester.

By Priscilla Aceves

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