7 Mid-Year Resolutions to End 2017 Right

We’re midway through the year, and chances are, most New Year’s resolutions have already been abandoned.

But just because you haven’t accomplished at all your 2017 goals just yet doesn’t mean it’s time to throw them all out until next year.

Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to go back to your New Year resolutions and develop a plan to finish 2017 off even stronger. Here are a few of our ideas to help you gain some newfound motivation to reach all your #2017goals.


Be More Specific.

Broad resolutions like “lose weight” or “improve professionally” often fail because they aren’t specific enough to keep you focused. Revisit any general New Year’s resolutions you haven’t kept since January by breaking them down into realistic and specific action steps, then add each one into your schedule.


Reevaluate Your Goals.

Now that you’ve gone through six months of trying to keep your 2017 resolutions, you should have a pretty good idea of why they are or aren’t working. Go back to your original list and adapt your goals to the struggles you encountered along the way. Did you find exercising in the morning wasn’t the best fit for your schedule? Switch to evenings to motivate yourself to adopt a health lifestyle. Didn’t manage to read all the books on your list? Try audiobooks for the commute to work/school. Tailoring your resolutions to what you know you can or can’t handle will help make them more realistic goals for the remainder of the year.


Get Inspired.

Sometimes all we need to get back on track with our goals is a healthy dose of motivation. Pick up an inspirational memoir from someone who accomplished something you admire, or sit down for coffee with someone who has recently succeeded at a major goal. Hearing about someone else’s experience will provide you with the determination to go after your dreams and remind you that it’s possible to improve your life for the better.


Take it Month by Month.

New Year’s resolutions are often overwhelming because we feel pressured to make so many of them at the same time. Try a more balanced approach for the rest of the year to tackle those you couldn’t get through. Focusing on starting just one new resolution a month will help you build a foundation so that you’ll keep going strong for the rest of the year.


Kick One Bad Habit.

Many resolutions focus on cutting down on unhealthy habits, but a list full of things you can no longer do can be discouraging, and often backfires. With only six months left of the year, focus instead on only one bad habit that you can realistically avoid. Keep the rest of your resolutions positive by focusing on new, productive habits to add to your lifestyle so you won’t feel like you’re limiting yourself in every area.


Find Accountability Partners.

Taking on a bunch of new goals on your own can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to guarantee success is to enlist support from the people around you. Ask friends and family members why they think you haven’t been successful at any failed resolutions, and use that advice to modify your approach. Then keep them updated on your progress so they can keep you accountable until the end of the year.


Create New Resolutions.

Years don’t usually turn out the way we expect, which is part of the reason so many of our resolutions fail. The advantage of setting mid-year resolutions is that you can put them in context to what your year has looked like. Start by thinking over what you have accomplished this year and create new resolutions to build on those successes. For example, if you’ve been reading or traveling more than usual, create a list of books to get through or places to visit by December.

By Priscilla Aceves

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