8 Reasons Why Bauer is Where Awesome Happens

You might have heard that Bauer College is #WhereAwesomeHappens — and that’s more than just a catchy saying around here.

Students started using those three words to describe their Bauer experience, and it seems to be fitting. With award-winning programs, passionate students, renowned faculty and valuable resources, Bauer is truly the place where awesome happens, each and every day.

We wanted to take the opportunity this week, since the college just celebrated Bauer Pride Day yesterday, with just a few reasons we believe our college is awesome. Feel free to add your own in the comments.


Award-Winning Programs

Whether it’s the nationally recognized Program for Excellence in Selling or Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, Bauer programs stand out among the very best in the nation. The rigorous education that students in our programs receive supports those rankings, too. Choosing to join one of our award-winning programs is a sure way to make sure you stand out to prospective employers.


Career Resources

The Rockwell Career Center at Bauer helps equip our students with the best tools available for workplace success. From one-on-one résumé advice and mock interviews to the biannual Business Career Fair, which connects students with hundreds of employers, RCC is here to help you stand out among your peers and land your dream job after graduation.



Students Who Mean Business

Bauer students set themselves apart from the rest by getting involved with life on campus, leading student organizations and even startups that are receiving international recognition (like WAVVE and REEcycle, founded by students from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship). Our students represent Bauer to our campus and community — and they’re doing a pretty awesome job at it.


Engaged Alumni

From leading their own companies to joining the ranks of some of the biggest and most powerful organizations across the globe, Bauer alumni are a true extension of the Bauer spirit. Many of our alumni also stay directly involved with the college, through the Bauer College Alumni Association and networking events held each semester.


Coffee is Always in Close Proximity

Let’s be honest — being #awesome usually requires a sufficient level of caffeine. At Bauer, you’re never too far from a great cup of joe. Whether it’s our own Starbucks on the second floor of Melcher Hall, the Nook Café just a few minutes from our buildings (where the owner is…you guessed it, a Bauer alumnus), or the Starbucks in the Student Center North, the options to get your caffeine fix around here are virtually limitless.



World Class Classrooms

Thanks to a generous $40 million donation by Ted Bauer in 2000, the Bauer College of Business underwent a full renovation, becoming the modern and technologically advanced part of campus we know today. The three buildings that house Bauer classes offer everything from large auditoriums, world class speaker systems, and of course, hundreds of outlets.


Amazing Guest Speakers

Earlier this year, during our Inspiring Minds event, Dean Latha Ramchand hosted a guest talk with none other than Coach Tom Hermann, who shared his insights on leadership and how he’s spreading #HTownTakeover throughout the city. We’ve also hosted dozens of successful business leaders from the Houston community and beyond — all to inspire you to reach your greatest career goals.


Our Entire Bauer Family

At the end of the day, it’s our entire #BauerFamily that really makes our business college amazing. So here’s to you, Bauer Family. Don’t forget to keep being #awesome (as if you could).


By Priscilla Aceves

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