Alim Hirani – A Global Leader (An Inside Bauer Story)

A Global Leader

Alumnus Takes Career to New Heights with Hilti India Leadership Role

Alim Hirani (BBA ’04, PES ’04, EMBA ’08) has always had a passion for business.

When he hit the ground running in 2004 at Hilti as an account manager, he knew that his tenacity and ambition would lead him to great things.

It also didn’t hurt that he gained additional skills from Bauer College’s Program for Excellence in Selling.

Now, as he begins his journey as general manager of Hilti India, where he will lead over 700 people, Hirani has big aspirations for the company, including Hilti India being a top organization in the next five years. Here, he shares with us what led him to this point and where he goes from here.

Q: Did you always want to pursue a business degree?

A: I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My father has always had his own business, and from a young age, I always thought that I would go to business school.

Q: Did you see your career taking this path?

A: I would say that my ambition level has always been to lead people and to grow and develop. Did I anticipate it would happen this fast? I would say probably not, and that‘s a testament to Hilti as an organization and the fact that we have a culture of developing from within.

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One thought on “Alim Hirani – A Global Leader (An Inside Bauer Story)

  1. CHSR says:

    A Great Leader, I have witnessed till date who can simulate the future for victory. True detailing in leading people with aspiration.

    The passion for a brand and its successful future for its customers and the employees.

    ” The Job Well Done ” is the few words from Mr .Alim makes us always achieve the extra mile to WIN.

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