Bauer Supply Chain Forum Hosts First Internal Case Competition

The Bauer Supply Chain Forum at the C. T. Bauer College of Business held its first internal case competition on Friday, March 4 at the University of Houston.

Seven teams of students from the Department of Decision & Information Sciences supply chain program at the graduate and undergraduate levels participated in the competition. Team Bauer Power, led by Skyler Singletary, took home the first place prize. The winning team consisted of undergraduate students from an SCM 3301 class, who finished with a composite score of 75.83.

A team of graduate students, team Bauer SCM, followed with second place, with Team SCM Powerhouse securing a third place finish.

“We have learned many things in this case competition,” SCM student Nguyen Nguyen said. “Through this event, we know more about the supply chain world.”

The competition involved judges from a variety of different companies, including Texas Children’s Hospital, Coca-Cola, BP, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Apache Corp, McCoy Global, NOV, Wilson Perumal, Cameron, a retired ISM Houston President and a Bauer Supply Chain faculty member.


  1. Bauer Power – Team Lead Skyler Singletary took 1st place with composite score of 75.83 (SCM 3301 Students)
  2. Bauer SCM – Team Lead Abhishek Agarwal took 2nd place with composite score of 69.33 (Graduate Students)
  3. SCM Powerhouse – Team Lead Ana Hernandez took 3rd place with composite score of 68.17 (SCM 3301 Students)
  4. Two teams tied for 4th place
    1. Lean – Team Lead Nguyen Nguyen with composite score of 67.67 (SCM Juniors/Seniors)
    2. TALP Process – Team Lead Phuc Ninh with composite score of 67.67 (SCM Juniors/Seniors)
  5. The Blueprint Bunch – Team Lead Aminat Muibi with composite score of 62.67 (SCM Juniors/Seniors)
  6. Rush – Team Lead Han Phung with composite score of 61.5 (SCM Seniors)

By Priscilla Aceves


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