8 thoughts on “#BauerLipSyncBattle

  1. Antony Joseph says:

    It would been better if the video was uploaded in youtube. Not playing smooth in either in my phone or in my mac.

  2. Jessica Navarro says:

    Unfortunately, YouTube’s copyright guidelines prevented us from uploading this video there. Sorry to hear it’s not playing smoothly for you, but we wanted to share nonetheless!

  3. Ma Eb says:

    The size of this 12-minute video is 2.2 GB. You could definitely make it smaller without loss of quality.

  4. Kasey Yount says:


  5. Jessica Navarro says:

    I’ve watched this approximately a million times and can’t pick a winner. You guys are all awesome!

  6. Really Happy says:

    Hi, I think that Andrew should win. I would also be personally offended if he did not win. He really held the camera.

  7. Nan Mitteness says:

    Nicely done one and all!

  8. Aaron Adrian says:

    I vote for Vidha! Andrew was pretty awesome too 😀

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