5 Tips to Get Ready for the Fall Semester

Time to transition from the easy, breezy summer to the hustle & bustle of #UHBauer during the fall semester.

6 Tips for Eating a Healthy Breakfast

When you’re running late to class and facing the unavoidable Houston traffic, it’s tempting to skip breakfast or (worse!) to grab the nearest, often unhealthy option.

7 Unique Places to Visit on Your Texas Road Trip

With less than a week before the all-important college kid’s holiday (Spring Break), it’s the perfect time for a road trip!

5 Tips to Stand Out at Career Fair

5 tips from Direct Energy Recruiting Manager Mark Broadfoot, on how you can get ready for Career Fair and make a lasting impression on recruiters.

Bauer in a Car – Nora Bayly and Josh Jordan

Nora and Josh are really all of us driving around campus.

A Conversation with Bill Sherrill

Happy 90th birthday, Mr. Sherrill.

Snapchat Takeover – Mahek Hooda

#UHBauer takes the Midwest! Thanks to supply chain/MIS junior Mahek Hooda for taking over our Snapchat a couple weeks ago to show us around Cincy & Indy, where she’s spending the summer as an Amazon intern.

WAVVE – Stream of Success (An Inside Bauer Story)

What started as a class project for Ivette Rubio (BBA ’14) and Eric Beydoun (BBA ’14) is now an award-winning company looking to tackle a global issue.