Clayton Harkey – Data Driven (An Inside Bauer Story)

Data Driven

Recent alumnus applies
analytics to take companies from
“Survive to Thrive”

By Jessica Navarro


Piecing together a processor, motherboard and other parts to build a computer that would hum.

Taking apart a transmission and putting it back together again to hear a car roar.

Plucking the strings of his mother’s acoustic guitar to see what sounds he could make.

But, during his time as an undergraduate student at Bauer College, Harkey discovered data science, an emerging field that is helping to drive business decisions and insights through statistics, data mining and predictive analytics. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in management information systems in 2013, Harkey began working professionally as a data scientist, first for Cameron and now with HP, Inc., where he recently took a lead data scientist position.

“People walk by my cube at work and see all this math and charts on my whiteboard,” he said. “They say, ‘You’re a wizard. What you do is magic.’ But I work to present my ideas by talking about the outcome and the goal rather than the equations — if you take data and use that to form your business decisions and forecast where your company can go, you can see where to cut or where to grow a certain product line or section.”

Data science, Harkey says, has the power to propel an organization and outpace competitors, even in a downturn.

Read the rest of the story in the latest issue of Inside Bauer Magazine.

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