J.J. Watt’s Twitter advice will sack your fears

J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt is the name on everyone’s lips. Whether he is sacking an opponent, tweeting his excitement over getting his mom a new car, or giving a post-game interview, Watt makes success look easy. However, it’s not just luck; Watt has been hailed as one of the NFL’s hardest working players. We could all learn from J.J. Watt’s work ethic, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 motivational quotes pulled from the Houston Texans superstar’s Twitter account to get you into gear.

10. You can turn your dreams into reality. It’s just much easier to hit snooze and let the dream continue, rather than wake up and work towards it.

9. In order to be great, you must make it a lifestyle, not a hobby.

8. Once you set a goal, it’s all about how hard you’re willing to work, how much you’re willing to sacrifice and how badly you truly want it.

7. The people you surround yourself with can either help build you or help break you. Choose wisely.

6. If you do the bare minimum, expect bare minimum results. You want to be great, work to be great. Nothing just happens.

5. No dream is too big if you have the right attitude and work ethic.

4. The day you think you’ve ‘made it’ is the day you begin your decline.

3. Dream Big, Work Hard.

2. Stop making excuses and start making things happen.

1. Greatness is earned, not given.

By Carolyn Shaffer

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