Natara Holloway – Queen of NFL Retail (An Inside Bauer Story)


Bauer Alumna Moves From Accounting to a Top Role in Football League’s Consumer Products Department

Natara Holloway (BBA ’98) didn’t move from Houston to New York to work for the National Football League because she was a die-hard football fan. She did it because she had a passion for accounting and auditing — and had for a very long time.

“This will be very embarrassing,” Holloway jokes at the top of an interview about her life, her education, and her recent adventures in NFL retail. “There was an accounting team in high school, and I was a part of it.”

That’s how, at a young age, the bubbly and spirited Holloway charted a path to success. Looking back on her time at the University of Houston, the Bauer College alumna believes the experience offered her own extraordinary entrée into the city’s dynamic business community. On the threshold of graduating with a degree in — you guessed it — accounting, Holloway scored an internship with Exxon, parlayed that into a full-time position with the oil-and-gas giant (now ExxonMobil) and honed skills that would make her a smart “trade” from the world of energy to the inner ranks of professional football.

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