On Fashion: What to Wear to Career Fair

We know choosing what to wear to a career fair can be tricky; especially when you’re going to meet so many different employers from a range of industries. Here are a couple of lists to help you navigate the waters of career fair presentation.

 Ten top tips for ladies

  1. A conservative business dress may be worn in lieu of a suit.
  2. Necklines should be no lower than your collarbone.
  3. Conservative doesn’t have to be boring, look for something with an asymmetrical neckline, interesting belt or a light scarf.
  4. Skirt hems should be no shorter than two inches above your knee (even with tights or leggings).
  5. Keep your heel heights under 4 inches.
  6. If you can’t walk in heels, opt for a solid colored flat instead.
  7. Makeup should be minimal. If you wear it, wear enough to enhance your features but not so much it becomes distracting. Perfume should be minimal as well.
  8. Keep your hair off your face. You don’t want to have to keep messing with it while you’re talking to a potential employer.
  9. Make sure your nail polish isn’t chipped or too bright in color. You’re going to be shaking hands and handing out your resume a lot.
  10. Bring a clean, structured tote bag or purse that will hold your portfolio rather than your backpack.


Ten top tips for guys

  1. A two-piece matched suit is always preferable.
  2. The tag stitched on the outside of your sleeve is not meant to stay there. Cut it off.
  3. Use your tie or bow tie to show your style, but it shouldn’t clash with your shirt or be too distracting.
  4. Your belt should match the color of your shoes.
  5. Dress shoes are preferred when you’re making a first impression across many different companies; keep the tennis shoes at home.
  6. Make sure you are clean-shaven. If you have facial hair, keep it groomed.
  7. Dress socks are another way you can show a little personality. For a pop of color, match them to your shirt or tie.
  8. If you wear a navy blue suit, don’t wear the blue suede shoes. But your brown, cordovan or black dress shoes with a matching belt will work fine here.
  9. Carry a portfolio with extra copies of your resume inside rather than carrying them loose or in a backpack.
  10. If you need a little style inspiration, check out Southern Gents’ blog (A UH and Bauer alumni company).

By Carolyn Shaffer

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