WAVVE – Stream of Success (An Inside Bauer Story)

Stream of Success

Entrepreneurship Alumni Focus on Global Access to Clean Water

By Priscilla Aceves

Eric Beydoun (BBA ’14) wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when he first came to Bauer College.

He was attracted to the University of Houston campus for its diversity — he grew up in France, and his parents are from Brazil and Lebanon. But, it wasn’t until he met a fellow rugby teammate enrolled in Bauer’s Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship that he first considered a future running his own business.

“I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think it’s the best decision I ever made,” he said.

For Ivette Rubio (BBA ’14), the path to entrepreneurship started at home.

“My mom came here from El Salvador, and she is actually an entrepreneur herself. She started a food company which still runs today,” Rubio said. “So, I kind of grew up learning how entrepreneurship can really affect someone’s life.”

As students, Rubio and Beydoun came together with three other entrepreneurship classmates in the Wolff Center to develop a business plan for the only gel technology that filters water using food grade materials. The bio-beads, developed by UH researchers, are designed to remove nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals from contaminated water in a unique biodegradable and cost-effective method. The technology has the potential to improve water filtration systems in residential, municipal and industrial industries around the world.

They named their company WAVVE Stream — taking the first letter of the word for “water” in English, Spanish, Swedish, Russian and French, the native languages of the five students on the team.

“We were five people from Mexico, El Salvador, Sweden, Russia and France,” Beydoun said. “We are a global team, dealing with a global problem.”

Read the rest of the story in the latest issue of Inside Bauer Magazine.

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