Enjoy the Ride (An Inside Bauer Story)

Paul Peacock is on a mission. The 1981 BBA alumnus and retired PwC partner leads the Bauer College Board, a group of more than 40 executives and entrepreneurs who advise Dean Latha Ramchand, providing critical input on issues including strategy, thought leadership, student engagement and curricular relevance.

6 Tips to be the Best Entrepreneur Ever

Becoming an entrepreneur means the chance to be your own boss and pursue your greatest passions.

Snapchat Takeover – Emma Armer

Senior Emma Armer took over our Snapchat account for the day to show us around Alaska, where she’s interning with Hilti.

6 Reasons Why Volunteering Will Change Your Life

Right now is the perfect time to lend a hand.

Clayton Harkey – Data Driven (An Inside Bauer Story)

Clayton Harkey (BBA ’13) focuses on building community in his professional and personal pursuits.

7 Tips to Have the Best Trip Ever

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your travels.

Dejun Tony Kong – Rising Star (An Inside Bauer Story)

Assistant Professor Dejun Tony Kong sees his research as essential for a modern workforce — “People are changing, society is changing, family structure is changing. There are a lot of demands that an individual employee is managing in the workplace. In order to better motivate employees in the contemporary workplace, we have to continuously improve our management methods.”

What’s In My Bag – Aaron Adrian

What does #UHBauer MIS junior & #BauerExcellenceScholar Aaron Adrian carry in his bag?

8 #Adulting Skills to Master This Summer

Ah, summer. Time to be a proper adult.

Viviane Nguyen – Brand New (An Inside Bauer Story)

Bauer College sophomore Viviane Nguyen is building her personal brand as a content creator and trendsetter online, through a fashion blog and Instagram account.